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Sunday, June 13, 2010

W.O.D. - Fat Burning

Ok so today I am going to specifically target some fat burning.  For this routine you will need a good place to run (treadmill is fine) and a kettlebell you are comfortable to lift with.  Ok so here goes:
  • 5 minutes light jog to warm up
  • Sprint intervals, jog for 30 seconds sprint for 30 at 75% max power, 5 rounds
  • 3x rounds of 10m lunge to overhead kettlebell press, rest period is 20 push ups
  • 30 seconds kettlebell alternate hand swings, 5 rounds
  • Shuttle run 5m,10m, 15m 5 rounds
  • 50 burpees
If you are feeling good to go another round, start from the sprint intervals all over again!  Good luck!

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