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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sprint W.O.D.

I really enjoy hill sprinting! Like REALLY enjoy hill sprinting. Nothing better than feeling that burning in your lungs and legs and just about anywhere in your body.

Near my house these is a great road for this, it is 0.6 miles long with two hills either side. One hill has a gentle gradient and the errr...not so gentle! Now I normally spend around half an hour on this workout as it takes me that time to do 4 runs. Basics :

  • Find a good hill that will take about a minute or more to sprint up
  • Take a short 5 minute jog to get into the groove of the run
  • Hit the bottom
  • Run hard, run fast and run as long as you can to get to the top
  • Repeat until you can't
Try adding 20 Burpees for everytime you slow down before your finish marker as punishment. Burpees are hard on tired legs!

Peace out for now

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