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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cross Fit Games 2010

Cross Fit is being widely popular now and even more so with this years games having several stages to compete in before you even get to the final stage.  But what is CrossFit and what are the CrossFit games?

 The basics are, competitors compete against each other to complete workouts over two days and try to get the best times.  The competition changes each year, therefore you have to train in each catagory and discipline all year round.  This years games seem to be the toughest by far.  With sectional events to get in to the regional events, which there you will again have to qualify to get in to the games themselves.  Past champions are invited back to try to defend their title.

  The games themselves have 5 categorys - mens individual, womens individual, affiliate cup teams, mens masters and womens masters (over 50).  The overall winner in the individual category will be awarded $25,000 cash, there are also other prizes along the way too.

  Now that we have the basics, what happens at a general CrossFit meeting?  Well if you have ever done circuit training think about doing that, only one thousand times worse, we're not talking easy as you like body weight squats.  Full on, heavy squats, followed by lunges with maybe two heavy dumbells in your hand, followed by pull ups to your chest, followed by burpees maybe 50, followed by clean and jerks then finished with a 2km row...repeated 3 times say.  Now THAT is a real circuit! 

  If you're unaware of these such events then you best start looking at them because this is shaping the sports world and producing some of the worlds BEST athletes.  I have been following Blair Morrison for a while now and I can't begin to understand his world.  He is an insanely decdicated and completely crazy enthusiast when it comes to CrossFit.  You only have to take a look at some of his workouts to realise that this guy is someone incredible.  I think if he were to have a tug-of-war with a heard of elephants he'd either win or catapult them into the distance!  I wish him all the luck in the world for this years challenge!

  Don't sit back and watch guys, lets all get involved and get focused on what is essentially the worlds toughest sport.

Peace out for now

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