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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Resistance Bands - Are they any good?

Why do we need resistance bands? And why do we need to use them often? These questions that have been bothering me for a while now. I’ve had rehabilitation on my left shoulder due to a kick boxing injury, using the methods of resistance bands. Now at the time I did think that they would be a load of rubbish, I mean all it is, is a big rubber band. Right?

Well in theory yes it is a big rubber band, all different strengths. I think that using the resistance bands has helped me recover a lot faster and I definitely feel stronger. The reason why we need these resistance bands is because they are able to target parts of our bodies that normal weight training won’t be able to get to. For example, the shoulder is a very complicated and complex joint, with a HUGE range of movement it certainly has to have a lot of strength and flexibility.

Using a band will help keep your joints healthy and active. Taking them through full ranges of movement and putting just a little bit of stress on them to build them up. Also they’re amazing for people new to weights and trying to tone up. If you don’t have access to a gym or prefer to workout at home, they are easily stored and require little space to use them in.
A few workouts that are great for you:

• Squats – run a band underneath your feet, which should be shoulder width apart. Then whilst holding the ends of the band, squat down keeping a straight back and sticking your bum out, go till your thighs are parallel with the floor. And repeat!

• Overhead press – Place both feet on the band and grasp the ends. Bringing your hands up just over the shoulders with elbows bent and palms facing in. Press your arms over your head and then lower.

• One arm lateral raise – Stand or sit for this one. Put on foot on the end of the band and grasp hold of the other end. With your arm by your side start to lift it, keeping your elbow slightly bent, and bring up until your hand is up at shoulder level. Swap sides and repeat

• One arm Chest fly – Attach the band to a sturdy object at about shoulder height, it can be either standing or sitting. Hold the handle in the right hand and wrap the loop around the hand to increase tension if needed. Keeping your arm straight, but keeping a slight bend in the elbow, at shoulder level. Contract the chest to bring your arm in towards the middle of your chest, return to the beginning and repeat. Then swap sides.

Now these are only a few samples of the things you can do to use resistance bands. I will put up more articles about strengthening other parts of your body so keep reading my blog! There will be articles on, shoulder strength and mobility, back strengthening exercises, leg strengthening and mobility workouts, amongst other article that I will be talking at length about. Making you injury free and stronger (hopefully).

Peace out for now

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  1. Very impressive Roscoe. Why are the bands different colours?