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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bags and Bags of sand!

Over the next few days I will be constructing my own sandbag to help me train outdoors.  But how effective is a sandbag for training?  Well lets look at what it is a bag.  Very obvious.  But it is an unstanble weight with a lot of uses!

  What benefits does it have?  Tons.  With a 20kg sand bag you are able to do runs with it, all sorts of weighted exercises and some great interval training!  The best thing about constructing your very own sandbag is that its really REALL cheap.  You can do most of the same training you would do in a gym but outside! Ok so here's a list of things I can find that prove they are beneficial:

  • They are cheap and extremely easy to construct.  Consider the cost of a gym membership for 1 Year.  You can pay anywhere in the region of £400+ thats alot of money to be putting into something you may use for 1 hour a day.
  • Portable, easily stored away and very customisable
  • You won't be working in isolation anymore.  The sandbag will work different muscle groups all at the same time the whole body is worked at once!!!
  • It will give you better balance and greater strength gains!  Skiing, snowboarding, running, martial arts, any sport you can think of that engages your muscles for balance this will help!  
  • Ever wanted a 6 pack or better core?  PERFECT for this.  The sandbag is so versitile, you can do most of your workouts using it, squats, cleans, lunges, running and SO much more!
I will be producing my own circuit training along with how I constructed my own sandbag.  You need this in your life!  You can buy them for around £100 but I say make your own.  Perfect for any home gym!  Seriously start training with sandbags today!

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